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Our investment management process is focused on three primary goals:


Offer Competitive Rates


Protect Your Capital


Accumulate & Preserve

Working with and through the wide and powerful range of financial, investment advisory and wealth management services available from the Scotiabank Group, we deliver:

  • Wealth Management – Expert advice helping you grow, protect and transfer your wealth.
  • Discovery Process – Understanding your goals, personal and financial.
  • Financial Planning – An analysis of your financial situation supported by an action plan approved by you.
  • Fee Based Programs – Innovative alternatives to commission-based trading.
  • Insurance Review – Protecting what you have worked to build.
  • Will & Estate Review – A discretionary process, based on your current and future needs.
  • Private Banking – A facility designed to reduce the time spent managing your finances.

H & L Capital is a leading team at ScotiaMcLeod, the investment arm of Scotiabank, and a division of Scotia Capital Inc. Scotiabank is one of Canada’s largest financial organizations with over $300 billion in assets and is regarded as Canada’s most international bank.