Hugh Hamill

Director of Wealth Management, Senior Wealth Advisor

In partnership with Michael Leahy, Hugh directs the investment focus and overall strategy of H & L Capital.

Hugh Hamill

(403) 298-4007 · Email Hugh

Performing a wide-ranging role within the company, his work extends considerably beyond the day-to-day task of supervising a team of acutely intelligent, gifted – and sometimes mercurial – investment advisors focused on building high performance portfolios.

A talented manager, motivator and accomplished investment strategist, Hugh combines an astute knowledge of North American and global markets with a warm and accessible approach to individual H & L Capital clients – from those whose investable assets very considerable to others with more modest resources.

Previously a Director of Internal Audit at a senior oil company, Hugh joined ScotiaMcLeod in 1991, founding H & L Capital with Michael in 1992. In addition to being custodian of the H & L Capital corporate culture, Hugh has raised a family of three children, one of whom works for the company. In his spare time Hugh skis, rides a trail motorbike, and practices yoga.

He is a Member of the ScotiaMcLeod Chairman’s Council.